Since 1986, MINNITI S.r.l. has established as a leader in the industry of Zamak die-casting (zinc alloy), manufacturing detailed components for automotive, electro-mechanics, electronics, leather goods industry, locks, fashion, pneumatics, hydraulics, gas etc.



Without any doubt, automotive is one of the most demanding industries in terms of product quality and efficiency.
Minniti S.r.l. provides Zamak die-casting components to major global automotive manufacturing groups.


As in the leather goods industry, Minniti S.r.l. is proud to supply world-renowned Italian fashion industry leaders.
In this industry, Zamak is mainly used for accessories, such as buttons, buckles, studs, makeup products packaging etc.


Zamak (zinc alloy) often replaces brass and other more expensive metals in the production of lock components.
Mechanical specifications and lower costs of material and manufacturing cycle make zinc alloy extremely competitive in this industry.


Further to the extremely high aesthetics consistently required in the fashion industry, Zamak zipper pulls also have typically critical technical specifications.
Our DINA 5 multi-slide technology is capable to deliver products at an incredibly high pace.


DINA 5 – hot chamber multi-slide Zamak (Zinc alloy) die-casting machine – boasts exciting qualities and breakthrough technology. Used since many years in high quality component manufacturing, it is continuously updated to provide top efficiency and reliability to the market.
Multi-slide technology enables to manufacture very complicated items without the need to add karts to mold parts, thus smoothing mold construction and ensuring better efficacy and efficiency of line production.


Die-casting consists in high-pressure injecting into a metal mold of a liquid metal, which is therefore allowed to solidify. The die and the associated runner are then expelled, the mold closed and the cycles restarts.