DINA 5 – hot chamber multi-slide Zamak (Zinc alloy) die-casting machine – boasts exciting qualities and breakthrough technology. Used since many years in high quality component manufacturing, it is continuously updated to provide top efficiency and reliability to the market.
Multi-slide technology enables to manufacture very complicated items without the need to add karts to mold parts, thus smoothing mold construction and ensuring better efficacy and efficiency of line production.

DINA 5 is completely pneumatic and it stands out in small and very small component production, reaching up incredible cycles rates (up to 3500 die casting cycles/hour).

DINA 5, thanks to its unique injection system, can avoid air suction at nozzle, thus minimizing turbulence of material during injection and resulting in huge product advantages, such as compactness, homogeneity, precision and aesthetics.

DINA 5 immediately undergoes a 30-day trial in our manufacturing department process at installation. In case of need, our company offers our extensive experience in mold design and construction, supplying production cycle tested molds.