Standard movements 4
Minimum matrix sizes 38x38 mm
Maximum matrix sizes 70x70 mm
Maximum matrix vertical opening 76 mm
Maximum matrix horizontal opening 38 mm
Maximum vertical and horizontal matrix opening, non-standard "optional" 76x76 mm
Maximum ejection stroke 34 mm
Maximum injection piston stroke 35 mm
Standard injection piston diameter 25 mm
"Optional" non-standard injection piston diameter 20 mm
Quantity of product injected per cycle 0,2 ÷ 65 gr
Overall dimensions with standard soundproof booth 2200x2600x2300 mm
Compressed air for pneumatic movements 10 bar
Air quantity 2000 l/min
Electric power per crucible 13 Kw
Nozzle electric power 0,5 Kw
Total die-casting press electric power 15 Kw
Total machine dry casting cycles 3500 cycles/hour