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Since 1986, MINNITI S.r.l. has established as a leader in the industry of Zamak die-casting (zinc alloy), manufacturing detailed components for automotive, electro-mechanics, electronics, leather goods industry, locks, fashion, pneumatics, hydraulics, gas etc.

We specialize in industrial part pressing with top technical and/or aesthetic features based on our customers’ design. Our skilled Technical Department and our internal workshop, equipped with a vast range of machine tools, enables us to offer a comprehensive design and manufacturing service of molds required to obtain the parts needed according to project specifications.

Our carefully designed equipment is manufactured with top quality materials allowing a minimal working life of 1,000,000 parts per cavity/mold.
The automatically counted parts are packed and handled according to customer specifications.

In 2015, we have implemented a Quality Management System for hot chamber Zamak die casting according to ISO 9001:2008 standards.
Since our beginnings, we have always been using our internally manufactured DINA 5 multi-slide hot camber die casting machine.

In 2003, we have launched our DINA 5 on the market, thus complementing our die casting business activities with equipment supply. Our machines boat a production speed rate about 4 times higher of conventional die casting machine (see technical specifications).
In order to overcome the batch size constraint of our own highly productive technology, we also provide a conventional die-casting department equipped with FRECH E AGRATI machinery.

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